"The Fair family would like to thank all of our customers for their loyal support. My husbands dream was fulfilled in 1993 when he opened the Fairways with the help of many friends and our loyal family. Since Toms passing many of these fine men and women have stepped up to keep his legacy intact. From friends and family to loyal employees a dedicated few have stood out, from Larry to Carl to Erik and now Ed and Tony. It is time to say goodbye and thank everyone for great memories .

The proverbial torch will be passed to Anthony 'Tony' Corvi and his wife Maggie. They have proven themselves to be more than capable and i know they will be tremendous guardians of the range that Tom built.

The range will now be known as The Fairways GOLF Driving Range as the long term lease will be signed before year end. We hope you will continue to support the range in coming years. The range will honor any gift cards and certificates purchased from us over the years. Expect more improvements and continued good service as Tony and Maggie begin the new year."


Thank you and God bless

-Joan Fair 

The History of the Fairways